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Shop Review & Critique

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It's time to face the truth - you are too close to your business to adequately critique it. An outside perspective gives you fresh eyes to see what you've been glossing over for days, months, and maybe even years.

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Did you notice your social icons are missing from your entire site? (True story, it happened during a review just the other day) Or what about you buy button isn't working for me? (YIKES!)

These are all the things I will review and analyze for you so you can make the changes to increase your sales! 

Mini Review

Steffanie will focus on YOUR Top 3. You'll tell her what you need good; honest feedback on. Maybe it is product pricing, your color scheme, or maybe it is just how your branding works with your products and packaging. In the form required at checkout, you'll tell me where to focus and I'll do just that. Between 4-7 business days later a 1 typed page review of your pain points with suggestions on how to solve these problems. 

Investment: $79 USD


Soup to Nuts 

Everything and the kitchen sink - that's what you will get in this comprehensive comb though. If you really need a clear perspective on what your shop looks like to buyers, this is the shop scrutiny for you. This one stop shop will cover things like:

  • Branding
  • Marketing/Social 
  • Products
  • Descriptions
  • Navagation
  • Imagery on a high-res screen
  • Policies
  • Pricing

4-7 business days later, you'll receive at least 3 typed pages from my review with suggestions on how to solve any problems. If you have questions once reviewing the document, don't worry! You'll have unlimited email address for the next 2 business days following delivery to ask any questions related to the review. For those handmade businesses that would like a more in-depth question and answer session, chose the coaching option at checkout. This extends your unlimited email questions to 5 business days AND includes a 30 minute coaching session with Steffanie to be used within 14 days of the critique delivery.

Investment: $99-$129