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It all started when…

I just wanted to wake up to an inbox that was 100% full of orders that I needed to fulfill. I kept wondering how I could talk to all of these people who had signed up for my newsletter that I wasn't sending emails to....ever

I had great intentions, but I never really got around to sending out blasts about my handmade soap company, I mean I don't read Target's daily emails so who would read mine

I know what is going through your mind

  • You are doubting yourself & your products
  • Have decided your customers don't want to hear from you
  • Don't have time to send out emails 

Which are the exact same convictions I had before I forced myself to come up with a system to create emails that are opened, read, and clicks that send me above average orders - with little effort on my part

 Sounds great doesn't it?

  • How would you like the system you need to copy laid out in front of you with exactly what you need to send your customers?
  • How would you like to have all of your emails written for an entire MONTH in the matter of minutes?
  • As a bonus - how about emails that generate multiple sales?!? 

That's exactly where Newsletter Blasts to Sales Workshop comes into play.

This self-guided recorded workshop and fillable workbook setup up for sales success over and over and over again

For just $9.99 you'll get everything you need to set your handmade business up for loads of email marketing success.

Plus, you'll even get a sweet bonus of a
Business Breakthrough Session with Steffanie.

For 30 minutes you'll be able to ask any questions you have regarding your handmade business. This bonus alone retails for well more than the $9.99.