Although I now tend to make decisions quickly and investing in myself comes easily (as I know the value and the returns I've gotten from investing in myself in the past, and know I will continue to do so), it was definitely not always like that for me.

It's funny how mindset can shift once you cement new patterns and belief systems (and take the action and get the results in alignment with those beliefs)... 

A year ago when I was looking to invest in my first coach, her package was around $16,000 and IT FREAKED ME OUT.

Like literally I did not feel ready to invest at that level at all. I thought it through for MONTHS before finally booking a call with her and investing in her (and still I thought I was going to pass out when I went for it). 

Fast-forward to now and it felt completely normal and a no-brainer for me to invest $20,000 in my 1:1 coach and $25,000 to join a high-end mastermind. I didn't stress about it, it felt in total alignment with the money I'm making now, with my business now, with my ambitions and goals now… 

This has all been possible because I've completely overhauled my money story, stepped into my successful CEO mindset, taken action to achieve big goals, and continuously uplevel my business and life. 

And that all started with one small step.

It felt like a huge leap of faith at the time even though it only was $1,000. It was a small step but a powerful one, because it marked the beginning of my new life, of stepping into my power, of investing in me, of following my dreams, of saying YES to my desires, of trusting that coaching was meant for me, of realizing that I could build a business this business but not alone.

But again… things did not just turn around overnight. Step by step I built confidence, up levelled, got results, and went all in.

So if you're not quite ready to invest in a high end package… I totally get it... I was SO there not that long ago.  

Although investing in myself has time and time again been the best decision ever (even when it felt like a total stretch, whether at the $1k price mark or the $20k + price mark), I also know that at the beginning sometimes the stretch is just too much. 

You're just not at that level yet mentally, and you need to give yourself the time and space to step into your power fully (which you will if you give yourself the chance and keep following your heart).

That's why I wanted to offer something a little bit different for this week only… something I've NEVER done before yet that I'm incredibly excited about to thank-you for being a part of my community and celebrate the month of April and the start of Spring:

One Time Payment of $597 
Monthly Payments of $220


A high touch, high support 1:1 custom experience - at a no brainer price
(and a price I have never offered and will most likely never offer again for 1:1 support) 

What's included in the Spring Into Action Package?

  • 90-min private intensive with me ($750 value)

  • 3 x 30-min follow-up private coaching sessions to be used within 6 weeks ($750 value)

  • In-depth Welcome Pack for a deep dive ($400 value)

  • Workbooks, worksheets, and video tutorials customized and delivered to you according to your coaching needs (100% personalized value) 

  • Bonus: Email access to me in between the sessions ($1,000 value)

  • Fast Action Bonus:  Get second 90-min private intensive with me ($750 value) to use within the next 3 months (24 hour offer only, expires Wednesday, April 12 at 11:59pm Eastern)

For an exclusive price (and time sensitive offer - this week only before doors close)


One Time Payment of $597
Monthly Payments of $220

This was designed for you if you're looking for intensive 1:1 support (I'll customize my coaching and materials completely to your goals and do whatever it takes to get you over the finish line ) without the premium price-tag. 

As I said before, when I was just starting and did not have a business yet, even $1,000 felt like a huge stretch and I did not have that cash lying around. Yet taking that very first step and investing in myself even at a lower price point was the biggest turning point in my life. It was the one decision that changed everything and that got me to where I am today. 

Don't underestimate how powerful this could be for you - there is SO much we can achieve in just 6 weeks together. 

There is very limited availability for this offer as I can only take on a limited number of 1:1 clients at once (because as mentioned, I truly give them my all and deliver custom support) 

The fast action bonus expires in just 24 hours, and doors to the Spring into Action Package will close at the end of the week - so don't miss out on this! 

I have very limited spots for my just released Spring into Action package. If you want to make a no brainer investment that could completely change the course of your business and life, don't miss out on the fast action second 90-min private intensive bonus.

Save your spot!

One Time Payment of $597
Monthly Payments of $220
Working with Steffanie has helped me make leaps and bounds in my business. From the start, she pointed out what would be the pain points for my industry and helped me navigate around them. She had innovative ideas on how to market my product, expand my line and deal with all the administrative to-dos that can easily become a time-suck. I’ve learned systems that create efficiency and allow me to focus on the fun part of my business- creative growth! You are getting a gold mine of knowledge and inspiration when you work with Steffanie, and you won’t be disappointed.
— Lisa McLaughlin – District Line Co.