You have this great product that you’ve been researching and testing and you know that it will be a hit with anyone who tries it.

But you are stuck in a pattern of frustration:

  • You feel like there is something that you aren’t doing right, maybe you know what it is, but you know you need that extra guidance.

  • You know there is a better, faster, and cheaper way to achieve your goal of taking your hobby to a full-fledged business so that you have the money to spend on yourself, children, pets, or maybe even your husband, but you don’t know how.
  • Between the full-time job,  not knowing how to price your products, or even how to grow your product line so you have repeat sales, you just aren’t sure what steps you need to take to be the success you know you can be.

Enter the Handmade Profit Plan that helps you achieve your goals so that you start making money when you need it the most.

The Handmade Profit Plan is 100% hands-on and customized to your specific business so that you make more sales and leave your frustrations behind.

We’ll dive deep into strategies that are most useful for you instead relying on generic one size fits all options.

Here are just some of the things we might cover over the three months we work together

  • Making Sales Online

  • Pricing your products so they sell AND generate loads of profit

  • How to have a successful market experience so that you gain loyal customers and more income  

  • How to scale your business while gaining more time to spend with family and friends

Having the handmade business you desire IS possible - I know it is because it’s exactly what I’ve been able to grow as a side hustle while working at my full time job. Market days that will pay the mortgage, your child’s tuition, and spa days for you are all in your future if you follow the steps and guidance of the Handmade Profit Plan.

Take your first step today and apply for a 30 minute phone conversation below to see how easy it can be to turn your hobby into your full fledged money making machine.

The Handmade Profit Plan Includes

  • Six 60-minute one-on-one calls with me (2 per month),

  • Accountability check-ins that ensure you move forward while feeling supported,

  • Full access to me via email & text messages between calls for when you feel stuck, confused, or ready to celebrate,

  • Documents and materials tailored specifically to you as needed, and

  • Automatic registration to any group workshops, webinars, and more while we spend our time together.

Working with Steffanie has helped me make leaps and bounds in my business. From the start, she pointed out what would be the pain points for my industry and helped me navigate around them. She had innovative ideas on how to market my product, expand my line and deal with all the administrative to-dos that can easily become a time-suck. I’ve learned systems that create efficiency and allow me to focus on the fun part of my business- creative growth! You are getting a gold mine of knowledge and inspiration when you work with Steffanie, and you won’t be disappointed.
— Lisa McLaughlin – District Line Co.

Steffanie Housman is The Handmade Business Coach. Steffanie built her soap business after being forced to take a 3-month absence from her executive position following brain surgery. Her products have shipped worldwide and have been on display in the National Archives Museum. As a business coach, Steffanie helps struggling women business owners grow the businesses of their dreams so that they can start making money online and at markets.

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